The Spectator

'space fails to show the excellence in every department of Mrs. Earle's practical advice; but no woman who loves her house, her garden, and her children should fail to read this book.'

The Guardian

'It is impossible to read a page of this book without being struck by its vigorous freshness, its helpfulness, and its human kindliness.'

The National Review

'Will be the delight of all who take an intelligent interest in their garden, their kitchen, or their children, for it is brimming over with frank and shrewd and genial information.'

The Pall Mall Gazette

'A charming volume, full of useful hints on gardening, cooking, and domestic economy in general, written with all the grace of a refined and cultured gentlewoman. ... The appendix on the Japanese method of arranging flowers, by Lady Constance Lytton, is also worth reading.'

The Times

'Intelligent readers of almost any age, especially if they are concerned in the management of a country household, will find these pages throughout both suggestive and amusing.'

The World

'Pot-Pourri indeed, fresh, fragrant and wholesome. . . . The garden chapters are truly delightful. Mrs. Earle's knowledge of her subject is remarkable; she revels in every detail connected with her plants, and as she teils us of them month by month, her narrative has the charm which comes of sympathetic insight and true love.'


'Mrs. Earle pleasantly talks of a multitude of things. . . . The Surrey garden is comparatively small in area. It cannot take us all in to enjoy companionship of its charming custodian. Happily, here is the book, through which ripples the low voice of a gracious-mannered gentlewoman, who knows most things about house and garden, and modestly shares with the stranger at her gate the garnered fruit of long experience.'

The Daily Telegraph

'There is an infinite quantity of useful information, as well as a vast amount of common sense, in Mrs. C. W. Earle's collection of essays, which deal exhaustively and entertainingly with horticulture, education, and cookery.'

The Manchester Guardian

'For the amateur gardener it is full of excellent instruction. . . . Mrs. Earle has, in short, endowed the literature of the garden with a wholesome and delightful book.'

The Scotsman

'The ingredients are both seasonable and well seasoned, and cunningly combined. . . . Of solid information there is a goodly supply; and Mrs. Earle's memory seems as rarely at fault as her taste.'

The Liverpool Daily Post

'A charming book, which perhaps may best be described as womanly. . . . All garden lovers will do well to find a corner on their shelves for her book.'

The Globe

'Full of interesting notes on flowers, fruits, and vegetables, with here and there some culinary notes which suggest the expert. A few additional chapters treat discursively of various domestic matters.'

The British Review

'Gardening is the backbone of the book; but even in the first twelve chapters, each of which takes its name from a month, there are many useful hints thrown in for the cook and the housewife. Later on, Mrs. Earle attacks the more complex problems of our sons and daughters, and adds chapters on furnishing and the sick-room.'

London: Smith, Elder, & Co., 15 Waterloo Place, S.W.

Smith, Elder, & Co.'s Publications.

The Letters Of Robert Browning And Elizabeth Barrett Barrett. Third Impression. With 2 Portraits and 2 Facsimile Letters. 2 vols. Crown 8vo. 21s. Spectator. - 'We venture to think that no such remarkable and unbroken series of intimate letters between two remarkable people has ever been given to the world. ... There is something extraordinarily touching in the gradual unfolding of the romance in which two poets play the parts of hero and heroine.'

The Etchingham Letters. By Mrs. Fuller Maitland Author of Pages from the Day-Book of Bethia Hardacre,' etc., and Sir Frederick Pollock, Bart. Second Impression. Crown 8vo. 6s. Literature. - 'The charm of the book lies mainly in that slowly elaborated presentment of character in which no method can rival the epistolary. . . . Every page in the book is pervaded by a charm which one values in proportion to its increasing rarity - the charm of scholarship.'

The War In Cuba. The Experiences of an Englishman with the United States Army. By John Black Atkins, M.A. With 4 Maps and a Frontispiece. Crown 8vo. 6s. Daily Chronicle. - 'A most vivid and entertaining description, giving us a far better idea of what the war was really like to the men who took part in it than all the possible statistics and military treatises.'

A Life Of William Shakespeare. By Sidney Lee, Editor of 'The Dictionary of National Biography.' Fourth Edition. With 2 Portraits of Shakespeare, a Portrait of the Earl of Southampton, and Facsimiles of Shakespeare's known Signatures. Crown 8vo. 7s. 6d.

Liter A Ture

'Mr. Lee's work, both for its literary qualities and its scholarship, does credit to English letters, and it will probably be regarded for years to come as the most useful, the most judicious, and the most authoritative of all existing biographies of the poet.'

Shakespeare's Handwriting. Facsimiles of the Five Authentic Autograph Signatures of the Poet. Extracted from Sidney Lee's 'Life of William Shakespeare.' With an Explanatory Note. Crown 8vo. 6d.

The Cruise Of The 'Cachalot' Round The World After Sperm Whales. By Frank T. Bullen, First Mate. The Volume includes a Letter to the Author from Rudyard Kipling. Fourth Edition. With 8 Illustrations and a Chart. Large post 8vo. 8s. 6d.


'Mr. Bullen has a splendid subject, and he handles it with the pen of a master. ..."The Cruise of the Cachalot" is a book which cannot but fascinate all lovers of the sea, and all who can appreciate a masterly presentation of its wonder and its mystery, its terrors and its trials, its humours and its tragedies.'