Steep the wicks in very strong vinegar; then let them dry completely before they are used.

A series of penny books published as the 'Domestic Science Series' is full of useful information. The only one I actually know, called 'Manual of Housewifery for Elementary Schools,' by Helena Head, to be bought at 4 Princes oad, Liverpool, seems to me thoroughly practical.

One thing I must copy out of Mrs. Roundell's most excellent 'Practical Cookery Book,' more especially as it is not a cooking receipt, but a cure for one of the most distinct worries that affect nearly every house in England, more especially if keeping down in the spring is neglected - and yet how few servants do not neglect it till it has become a plague! - I mean, blackbeetles. Mrs. Roundell gives the following receipt, and we found it excellent in a new flat in London which swarmed with them: