(continued from page 9) forced through a pastry tube. Or put a slice of hard-cooked egg in the center of the spread.

Mayonnaise Tomato on Toast

Use small tomatoes. Skin. Cover your toast first with mayonnaise, then the single round slice of tomato, then in center of tomato a tightly curled anchovy.

Mustard Egg and Pickled Onions

Chop the eggs after hard-cooked. Mash in teaspoon mustard.. Spread on toasted, buttered triangles of bread, in center place a pickled onion. Or the, pickled onions may be chopped in along with the egg and then a garnish of green pepper and pimento used.

Cream Cheese and Anchovy Fillets

Spread the cream cheese on rounds of toasted bread and then circle border with the tiniest of anchovy fillets. In the center press in half a stuffed olive.