Fish must be perfectly fresh and firm and must be kept cool. Wrap fish in a damp cloth, then in paper and keep on ice. Thaw frozen fish in cold water and use at once. Clean a fish in cold water and sprinkle it with salt and pepper to bring out its flavor. Trout, mackerel, whitefish, salmon, redsnapper, cod, halibut and haddock are in season throughout the year. Oysters, scallops and muscles are in season only in fall and winter. Soft shell crabs are in season in summer.

Broiled Fish

Clean and bone the fish. Sprinkle with pepper and salt and dot with butter. Place as near flame as possible on broiling rack, flesh side up. As soon as flesh starts to brown, reduce flame and cook until white and firm. Turn on skin side with aid of pancake turner and broil until brown and crisp. Remove to hot platter, garnish with parsley and lemon and serve with parsley butter poured over the fish.

Parsley Butter

1 tablespoon butter

1 teaspoon chopped parsley

1 teaspoon lemon juice

1/4 teaspoon salt



Cream the butter, add seasoning and lemon juice. Spread over fish directly it is removed from fire.

Fried Fish

Clean fish and wipe dry. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Dip in flour, cracker crumbs or cornmeal, then in egg, then again in flour. Fry in deep, hot fat until brown.

Boiled Fish

Cut fish into slices, rub with salt and let stand in salt for several hours. Boil one quart of water with two tablespoons vinegar, one' half teaspoon whole pepper, one tablespoon each chopped onion, chopped celery, chopped carrot. Drop the slices of fish into the boiling seasoned water and let cook slowly until the fish is tender. Remove the bones, strain and serve on a platter with egg sauce. Keep the fish stock if desired.

Sauce for Boiled Fish

1 cup brown sauce

2 egg yolks

Juice of one lemon

In making the brown sauce, employ the fish liquor. Beat the egg yolks and add the hot sauce. Stir until thick. Stir in the lemon juice just before serving.

Broiled Fish

Clean, bone and salt the fish. Grease the rack of the broiler and place fish, flesh side up, on it. Broil as near to the flame as possible. When edges crisp, lower the flame and cook until tender. Turn over carefully and brown on skin side. Spread with parsley butter, garnish with parsley and lemon.

Baked Trout

3 to 3 1/2 pound trout

1 tablespoon flour

1 egg yolk

1 can tomatoes

1 chopped onion

1 piece celery root

Salt the fish and let stand for several hours. Make a paste of the flour with a little tomato juice. Place fish in a dripping pan with tomatoes, onion, celery root and butter. Bake for one-half hour. Drain and strain the sauce, thicken with the beaten yolk of egg, add a little cream, seasoning and serve over the hot trout.