Never make coffee in a tin coffee pot.

Percolated Coffee

Put grounds in the coffee compartment of the percolator. Average 1 heaping tablespoon of ground coffee to one cup of water. Put cold water in the bottom of the percolator. Boil for five minutes. Boiling is figured from the time the water first trickles over the coffee grounds. After coffee has boiled violently for 5 minutes, turn off flame completely and allow coffee to stand for another five minutes in a warm place. Serve Boiled Coffee

6 heaping teaspoons ground coffee 6 cups boiling water

1 egg

1 cup cold water

Pinch of salt

Scald the coffee pot. Place coffee in pot, add pinch of salt, six tablespoons of egg water. Stir well and add one-half the boil' ing water (3 cups). Allow to boil for three minutes, add the remaining three cups of boiling water. Keep warm but do not boil further.

Egg water is made by beating one egg while pouring on 1 cup cold water. This may be kept in the icebox and one tablespoon of egg to one cup of coffee used.


Kettles used to boil milk must be kept scrupulously clean. Wash first in clear, cold water, then with warm water and borax and after rinsing should be carefully dried and if pos' sible stood in the sun for a time.

Always keep milk in a cool place for it is very quick to spoil. In summer, milk for infants and children should be sterilized twice a day.

To Pasteurize Milk:

Boil bottles to contain sterile milk for twenty minutes in pure water. Fill clean bottles nearly full of milk, cork them with cotton that has previously been baked in an oven and not handled by hands, place suspended on rings in a deep pan of cold water so that the water in the pans just covers the milk in the bottles.

Place the pan on the fire and heat until you see small bubbles form on the top of the milk in the bottles. Lessen the amount of heat, but allow some heat for about one-quarter hour. Then chill as quickly as possible and when the milk is cold, remove the bottles from the pan of water and set them in the icebox. In very hot weather even this treatment only keeps the milk sterile for about twelve hours.


2 cups freshly boiling water

4 teaspoons tea

Scald the china teapot; put in the tea, pour on boiling water; let stand to steep for two to three minutes. Strain when serving. The secret of well-brewed tea is to use fresh actively boiling water.

Russian Tea

1 cup boiling water 1 loaf sugar 1 preserved cherry Canton ginger

Clove in slice of lemon

Rum drops

1 tablespoon strong tea

The tea is brewed and allowed to stand until very strong and almost black in color. Pour the boiling water over the strong tea and allow to stand two or three minutes. The sweetening and trimmings are placed in the bottom of the cup or tall glass and the tea poured over them.


1 1/2ounces bitter chocolate 1 cup boiling water

3  cups milk

4  tablespoons sugar

Melt the chocolate in a saucepan; add sugar and gradually the boiling water. Stir smooth, allow to come to a boil and add the milk, scalded. Beat well together and serve with salted wafer.


2 teaspoons cocoa 1 cup milk

1   cup boiling water

2  teaspoons sugar

Pour the boiling water onto the cocoa; stir until the cocoa dissolves. Boil about five minutes until cocoa thickens. This paste may be kept and when cocoa is wanted, use 1 teaspoon paste to one cup hot milk. Stir and serve with sugar to taste.

Hot Lemonade or Orangeade (for colds)

Juice of 4 lemons 1 quart cold water

3 whole cloves

Bit of cinnamon bark

Boil together water, sugar and spices. Simmer for five minutes and then strain. Serve as hot as may be sipped.

Hot Malted Milk

3 teaspoons malted milk 1 cup hot milk

Salt and white pepper 1 tablespoon boiling water

Mix paste of malted milk and boiling water. Stir in hot milk and add seasoning. Celery salt and a dot of butter make a palatable addition.

Hot Egg Malted Milk

2 tablespoons malted milk 1 egg Boiling water

2/3 cup hot milk Grated nutmeg

Make a paste of malted milk in boiling water. Beat up egg light and add to malted milk. Stir smooth, add nutmeg and serve.

Hot Chocolate Malted Milk

Add one tablespoon melted sweet chocolate, to one cup hot milk. Sprinkle grated nutmeg on top of beverage.