Preserved Pears

Pare and halve Bartlett pears and remove cores. Drop fruit as soon as peeled into cold water. Make a syrup by using sugar and water in proportion to a pint of sugar to a quart of water. Drop fruit into syrup as soon as it boils. Boil until tender. Fill the jars to overflowing and seal

Grape Fruit Marmalade

For every grapefruit allow one sweet orange and a lemon. After cutting the grapefruit in half and removing the seeds and hard centers, slice it with the orange and lemon finely.

For every cup of fruit add three of water; let it stand for 24 hours, and then boil for 30 minutes.

After it has stood for another 24 hours, add a cup of sugar to every cup of fruit and then cook the marmalade for 45 minutes, or until the fruit becomes transparent.

Sliced Cucumber Pickles

3 dozen medium size cucumbers

1 dozen medium size onions

1 cup sugar

3 teaspoons mustard seed (whole)

2 teaspoons ground white pepper

1 teaspoon celery seed

1 quart vinegar.

Peel and slice cucumbers, salt and let stand over night. Peel and slice onions, salt and let stand over night. In the morning wash and drain cucumbers and drain onions. Add sugar and seasonings; mix well. Heat vinegar; pour over all; let come to a boil and seal in fruit jars.

When opened these taste like fresh cucumbers.

Sweet Pickled Peaches

2 pounds brown sugar

2 cups vinegar

1 ounce stick cinnamon

1/2 ounce whole cloves

4 quarts peaches (clingstone preferred)

Boil sugar, vinegar and spices 20 minutes. Dip peaches quickly in hot water; then rub off fuzz with a cloth. Place a few peaches at a time in the syrup and cook until tender Pack into sterilized jars. Adjust sterilized rubbers and fill each jar to overflowing with hot strained syrup. Put on covers and seal jars immediately.

Spiced Apples

Cut peeled apples into eights or quarters and cook till tender in a syrup of equal parts water, vinegar and sugar, to which has been added a few whole cloves, a few pieces of cinnamon and a little cayenne pepper. Remove the apples with skimmer, boil syrup until thick and pour over the fruit. A fine relish. Serve cold.

Cucumber Mangoes

Soak in strong brine nine days as many large green cucumbers as you wish to use. Then lay them forty-eight hours in clear water. Cut a slit lengthwise in each, scoop out seeds, wipe dry, and fill with stoned raisins, lemon cut in long, thin strips, and 6 or 8 whole cloves. Tie up slit, pack cucumbers in stone jar, and cover with a boiling syrup made from the following: Add to 1 quart vinegar 5 pounds sugar, also mace, cinnamon and cloves to taste. Reheat syrup and pour boiling hot over cucumbers for nine successive mornings,

Pickled Peaches

1 gallon peeled peaches

3 pounds sugar

1 pint pure cider vinegar

2 dozen cloves 6 sticks cinnamon

Boil vinegar, sugar, cinnamon and cloves 15 minutes, then pour liquor over peaches and let stand over night in stone jar covered with a plate. Next morning pour off liquor and heat to boiling point, then add the peaches to boiling liquor, and let cook slowly until tender. Seal in glass jars.

Spiced Figs

5 pounds figs

2 cups brown sugar

1  cup granulated sugar

2 cups vinegar

2 tablespoons stick cinnamon

1 tablespoon whole cloves

Tie spices in piece cheesecloth. Boil sugar, vinegar and spices for five minutes. Wash figs and drop in syrup without peeling. Cook until tender but not broken, doing few at a time. Remove to sterilized crock as they are done and when all have been pickled pour boiling syrup over them. If not enough syrup to cover, an additional quantity should be made. Place bag of spices in crock with the figs.

Spanish Olive Oil Pickles

8 dozen medium sized cucumbers

1 quart onions

1 cup olive oil

1/2 cup black mustard seed

1/2 cup white mustard seed

1 cup tiny red chile peppers Vinegar

Wash, peel and slice onions and cucumbers, cover with brine made by adding one cup salt to four quarts boiling water. Let stand two hours and drain. Pour boiling water over pep' pers. Let stand ten minutes, drain and add to cucumber mix' ture. Mix oil and mustard seed and add to cucumbers. Add enough boiling vinegar to cover the pickles. Put in jars and seal while hot.