Fillet of Beef

Have the fillet skinned and larded. Place in the roasting pan in a hot oven for three-quarters to one hour, depending on the weight of the fillet Baste several times with own drippings or add water if necessary. Make a pan gravy as for roast beef and serve with potatoes and hot vegetables. A mushroom sauce is also very good with fillet of beef.

Pot Roast

3 pounds of beef (rump or top round)

1 pint hot water

1 tablespoon flour

1 tablespoon drippings

Bay leaf



Celery salt and pepper


Sprinkle the meat with flour, Heat the drippings or tat in a tight covered kettle, brown the onion and add the meat browning on all sides. Add the bay leaf and pour on the boiling water. Let.simmer two and a half to three hours or until meat is perfectly tender. Add hot water if necessary to prevent burning.

Lay slices of onion and tomato on top of roast half an hour before it is ready. Gravy may be thickened with flour.

Braised Beef

Have a three pound rump roast larded. Season with salt and pepper. Brown one sliced onion in fat, put in the rump and add one carrot sliced, one bay leaf, chopped parsley and brown all. Cover and let simmer for two and a half hours. Baste often adding soup stock or water. Remove the cover and brown the rump. Serve with horseradish sauce.

Chipped Beef and Cream

1 pound chipped dried beef

1 cup cream sauce

Chipped beef is very salty and should be soaked for half an hour before using. Drain the beef, add the cream sauce and cook for ten minutes in a double boiler. Serve on toast and with baked potato.

Boiled Smoked Tongue

Soak the tongue over night in cold water. Drain off this water and place tongue in fresh water to cover and cook in a large kettle. Cook over a low flame for three hours.

Boiled Smoked Tongue

Soak the tongue over night in cold water. Drain off this water and cover with fresh water. Add bay leaves, whole pepper, cloves, and sliced onion to the water and cook slowly for three hours. Drain off the water. When sufficiently cool, remove the skin and roots. Serve with a brown sauce or a sweet sour sauce.

Spiced Beef

Four to six pounds of beef from middle cut of shin. Wash and trim well and pick off all fragments of bone. Cut meat into several pieces, cover with boiling water. Simmer till meat falls to pieces and the liquid reduced to half a pint. Remove the meat, season the liquid highly with salt, pepper, sage and thyme. Add it to meat and mix with fork until the meat is all broken.

Pack solid in a brick loaf bread or cake pan, put on ice and let it get firm and solid. When ready, cut in thick slices. Delicious for sandwiches or luncheon dish, bordered with sliced tomatoes, beets and hard boiled eggs.


1 pound of round steak 1/4 pound of bacon 1 small onion

Salt and pepper to taste 4 slices of dry toast

Have steak cut thin. Cut in portions. Make filling by chopping bread, fried bacon, onion, salt and pepper together in chopping bowl.

Place filling in portions of steak, roll and tie together with string, or pin with toothpick. Roll in flour and brown in the bacon fat. Take out and put in casserole. Make gravy in pan and cover birds in casserole. Bake one hour in moderate oven. Can also be cooked in pan, if not wanted in casserole.