Red Cabbage Cooked with Apples

Cut two-pound head of red cabbage as for cold slaw. Put in kettle; cover with water; add two medium sour apples which have been pared and sliced; one heaping tablespoon of lard, sugar and vinegar to suit taste. Cook slowly about one hour or a little longer. Cabbage should be a deep red when cooked.

Bavarian Cabbage

Very good to serve with roast pork or pork chops. Shave a small cabbage as for slaw. Cut up 1 large onion and fry it in 11/2 tablespoons butter; then add cabbage and let it steam in this for a few minutes. Add water gradually. Add vinegar to taste. Then salt, caraway seed and sugar to taste. When done, thicken with flour which has been browned.

Eggplant Pancakes

1  medium sized eggplant

2 eggs

5 tablespoons flour 1 teaspoon salt

Bake eggplant until tender. Peel and remove seeds. Mash pulp to which add the well beaten eggs, flour and salt. Mix all the ingredients. Drop by spoonfuls on a hot buttered pan. Turn and brown on both sides.