How To Test Milk

Put a bright steel knitting needle in the milk and if on withdrawing it, the milk runs off slowly, it is pure; if it runs quickly, the milk has been diluted with water.

Milk absorbs all strong odors, and should never be placed near them.

A pinch of soda added to a quart of milk before putting it on to boil, will prevent curdling.

When milk boils over, sprinkle salt on it to prevent the smell.

Usually when milk or foodstuffs burn on the kettle, if it is instantly set in a dish of cold water, the contents of the kettle may be removed without tasting burned.

When you wish to scald or boil milk, rinse the dish with cold water, pour the milk in immediately and it will not stick to the dish.

Sour milk is best when it sours quickly. If it is too thick, beat until light with an egg beater.