Fried Mushrooms

Take large "flap" mushrooms, peel carefully; fry in a pan, with pepper and salt, in boiling lard or butter, and serve on toast very hot. (As a vegetable or as a breakfast dish.)

Stewed Mushrooms


Button Mushrooms. Salt to taste. I oz. of Butter.

Some Fine Bread-crumbs. A tablespoonful of Cream. Pepper.

A little Nutmeg.

Wash and thoroughly cleanse the mushrooms from sand; put them in a stewing-pan with the lid closed, let them simmer till tender. Then add the butter, rolled" in flour or bread-crumbs, pepper, and nutmeg. Boil for ten minutes. When ready to dish, stir in the cream or the yolk of an egg. (To eat with meat, or as a breakfast dish.)

Stewed Mushrooms

Clean and wipe your mushrooms well. For every three large mushrooms or six buttons take a dessertspoonful of cream, a seasoning of cayenne and salt, or nutmeg and pepper if preferred. Stew for half an hour, till nice and tender. Serve on hot devilled toast with crust cut off Good.