Two and a half ounces gelatine soaked in a cup of cold water; one quart boiling water; ten peppercorns; ten allspice; two cloves; one onion; one dessertspoonful salt; two bay leaves; a small cup of malt vinegar; one tablespoonful of Tarragon vinegar; juice of one lemon; whites of two eggs well whisked; one tumbler of cold water, thrown in while boiling, to clarify. Strain through jelly-bag till clear. Enough for fourteen persons.

Jelly. Another Aspic Or Savoury


1 Calf's Foot.

6 oz. of Ham.

2 lb. of VeaL

1 Large Carrot.

1 Small Onion.

1 bunch of Sweet Herbs.

1 blade of Mace.

10 Peppercorns.

Whites of 2 Eggs.

1 teaspoonful of Tarragon Vinegar.

1 spoonful of Isinglass.

Half a gallon of Water,

Put about six ounces of ham, two pounds of knuckle of veal, and a calf's foot (with the bone broken) into a stew-pan, with one large carrot, a small onion, and a bunch of sweet herbs. Boil it until reduced to one quart; strain it through a sieve. When cold, skim off all the fat, and put the jelly into a stewpan with the whites of two eggs (well whisked), and a teaspoonful of Tarragon vinegar, and a spoonful of isinglass. Stir it until on the point of boiling, then draw it to the side, and let it simmer gently for nearly twenty minutes. Let it stand to settle, and then pour it through a jelly-bag until quite clear, when it will be fit to use for garnishing meat pies, etc. Time, one hour and a half.