Remains of Cold Roast Duck.

Rather more than a pint of weak Stock or Water. I Onion, I oz. Butter.

Thickening of Butter and Floor. Salt and Cayenne to taste. teaspoon of minced Lemon-Peel Dessertspoonful of Lemon Juice. glass Port Wine.

Cut the duck into nice joints, and put the trimmings in a stewpan. Slice and fry the onions in a little dripping, add these to the trimmings; strain the liquor, thicken it with butter and flour, season with cayenne and salt, add remaining ingredients; boil it up and skim well. Lay in this gravy the remaining pieces of duck; let them get thoroughly hot by the side of the fire, but do not boil; they should soak in the gravy for half an hour. Garnish with sippets of fried bread.