This recipe is known only to Chefs of great repute and is one of the leading white sauces in all cooking.

Method. - Make the same stock as for Brown Sauce but omit tomato and coloring and anything which would tend to color. Also be sure to add no game.

Blanch and chop finely one onion and one carrot. Dry these and place in a frying pan with one ounce of butter and a teaspoonful of castor sugar. Fry until vegetables are just soft but not colored.

Melt in a stewpan half pound of butter to which add sufficient flour to make a paste. Fill up slowly with two gallons of stock, well mixing, and add the vegetables as above with the addition of a bouquet garni. Place on fire, stirring continually, until boiled. Then allow to simmer gently for one hour, occasionally skimming off fat and adding boiling water as required.