Cotelettes De Dlnde A La Southerland - Turkey Cutlets, Southerland Style

Proceed as indicated in the previous receipt; add to the force-meat 1 tablespoonful each of chopped truffles, mushrooms and' ham; finish as explained previously; dress on a dish, garnish with asparagus tips, and serve Bearnaise sauce separate.

Cotelettes De Dlnde A La Toulousaine - Turkey Cutlets, Toulouse Style

Prepare and cook the cutlets as for Turkey Cutlets, Bankers' Fashion. Serve with Toulouse garnishing.

Cotelette De Dinde A La Financiere - Turkey Cutlets, Financier's Style

Same as above. Serve Financier instead of Toulouse garnishing.

Cotelettes De Volaille A La Du Barry - Chicken Cutlets, Du Barry Style

Butter some cutlet-shaped moulds, and fill them with cream chicken forcemeat; put to cook in a moderate oven, but have them rather underdone; allow to get cold, then egg and bread crumb them, and fry in hot lard. Dress on a dish, garnish with puree of cauliflower, and serve separate some Valois sauce.

Cotelette De Volaille A La Montglas - Chicken Cutlets, Montglas Style

Prepare as explained in previous receipt. Serve with Mont-glas garnishing. cotelette de volaille a la lucullus - chicken Cutlets, Lucullus Style.

Prepare as indicated for Chicken Cutlets, Du Barry Style, but add to the forcemeat some foie gras and truffles, cut in very small squares. Serve truffle sauce separate.

Boudin De Volaille A La Lucullus - Boudin Of Chicken, Lucullus Style

Prepare some chicken forcemeat and keep it rather firm. Chop fine 1 onion, and fry it colorless in butter; drain and add it to the forcemeat; also add a quarter of its amount equal parts each of truffles, mushrooms and foie gras cut in very small squares; take a tablespoonful of this preparation at the time and lay it on a floured marble or table. Shape into flat oval rounds, lay them on a buttered pan and cover with boiling salted water; set on the fire and remove at first boil; allow to stand on the corner of the range for 10 minutes, then withdraw and allow to get cold.

Drain and dry the boudins, egg and bread-crumb them, and fry in hot lard. Serve on a napkin with perigueux sauce separate.

Petits Souffles De Volaille A La Financiere - Small Chicken Souffles, Financier's Fashion

Prepare a garnishing of equal parts of truffles, mushrooms, olives and goose liver, and bind with thickly reduced Madeira sauce. Put a teaspoonful of this preparation into small cases (either edible, paper or china), and cover with the following preparation:

Pound 8 ounces of breast of chicken or turkey with 1 pint of Bechamel sauce, rub through a fine sieve, season with salt, pepper and nutmeg, and add 2 egg yolks ; whip the whites to a stiff froth, and add by degrees.

When the cases are filled, smooth over the top and brush over with melted butter to prevent a crust forming; cook in a moderate oven for 12 to 15 minutes, and serve on a napkin.

Brochettes de Foies de Volaille a la Reine - Bro-chettes of chicken llvers, queen fashion.

Cut the livers into suitable pieces and saute them in butter over a brisk fire. Have ready some small pieces of bacon and some cocks' kidneys, from which the skin is removed. Arrange the liver, bacon and kidneys alternately on a skewer; season, dip in melted butter and bread crumbs, and broil over a clear fire.

Serve with Bearnaise sauce separately.