Captain Sydney Earle, of the Coldstreams, killed at the Modder River, was, besides being one of the best liked and most unaffected officers in the Household Brigade, one of the most promising of the younger generation of officers in the British army. After a brilliant career at the Staff College, he was appointed Deputy-Assistant Adjutant-General for instruction in the Home District. In this position he conceived and initiated an experimental course of instruction for Volunteer officers in applied tactics, field engineering, and military sketching, and himself conducted the first series of classes at Wellington Barracks in the autumn of last year. So successful was his scheme that the authorities decided to make it a permanent institution in the Home District.

The handful of Volunteer officers who spent so useful and agreeable an eighteen days last year, not only at Wellington Barracks but at the Guards' field-days on Wimbledon Common, at open-air exercises on the Surrey hills, and in studying demolition work at Sandhurst under his guidance, must share the deep regret with which his brother officers in the Brigade of the Guards have heard of his death on the field of battle. No more genuine man or valuable officer served in the brigade.

Captain Sydney Earle was the eldest son of Charles William Earle of Cobham. He was born in 1865, and entered the army when twenty. His father was killed two years ago in a bicycle accident.'

His name was the only one among the junior officers of the rank of Captain mentioned in the'Times' account at the end of 1899 of those who had fallen in the war. Will anyone who lived through them ever forget those two dark months, the November and December of that year ?

I offer my sincere sympathy to all those who have suffered as I have done, to those who gave more than one son, and to those who suffered even more from their loss being of an only son, and perhaps an only child, for they cannot realise the one compensation that can come on the death of a child which is that it brightens the eyes of love for those that are left.