My experience in cooking has been very different from what it used to be, for I seldom go out, and my own food at home is of the very simplest. Cookery books of all kinds have become so inexpensive that I shall content myself with naming just a few books which have come to my knowledge of late, and only give in addition such simple cooking hints as experience has recently taught me, and which concern health rather than gastronomy; and some still cheaper receipts will be found in the chapter called ' Wholesome Food at 3s. a Week.'

The opposition to simpler foods and the dislike to the simple receipts I now give are so widespread that my old sympathy with the other side of the question makes megivethe followinglittle newspaperstory of an American Judge's opinion of vegetarianism: 'The Courts have granted a divorce to a wife in Cleveland, Ohio, whose husband was not only a vegetarian himself, but insisted on her following the same regime. She was not aware of his dietetic eccentricity until after marriage, but she soon found she would have to eat vegetarian dishes or go without eating altogether. At last she packed her trunks and went off. The Judge ruled that in denying his wife the food which to her was a necessity of life he was guilty of neglect.'

Leaves from our Tuscan Kitchen, or How to Cook Vegetables,' by Janet Ross. (Dent & Co., 1899.) There are now innumerable vegetarian cookery books, but I find this one most useful, perhaps because it is rather a nation's cooking of vegetables than a vegetarian cookery book. It is by the same Mrs. Ross of Poggio Gherardo, Florence, who sells such excellent olive oil made on her own estate. I used to think much change was very essential in housekeeping. I now think if people are well they like things best dressed most days alike, or nearly so, with only the change the seasons bring.

Hilda's Diary of a Cape Housekeeper' is a book everyone going to the Cape should get, as it would be very useful. It gives many hints besides cooking receipts, and an account of the Cape climate every month in the year.

Her former book, 'Hilda's Where Is It of Receipts,' was much appreciated.(Chapman & Hall.)

A good little book for humble households is to be got for one penny, from the School of Cookery, Colquitt Street, Liverpool. It is cheap cooking, but not vegetarian.