For a small luncheon dish, cheese salad can be quickly made by putting thinly-sliced or grated cheese in the middle of the dish, surrounding it with lettuce, endive, or cress, and covering all with a good salad dressing.

Globe Artichokes may be economically treated by boiling in the usual way, taking out the choke without disturbing the leaves, making a puree of the bottom with butter, pepper, and salt, and serving it hot on fried toast cut into rounds. The leaves are kept together and served cold the next day standing upright in the dish in a little mixed oil, pepper, salt, and lemon-juice. Watercress cooked exactly like spinach makes a useful early spring green vegetable. Landcress and chervil mixed, cooked in the same way, make an equally good autumn puree.

To Keep a Cake Fresh put an apple with it in the storing tin. This keeps it soft for several days on the same principle as the well-known receipt for keeping tobacco moist by enclosing a few potato peelings in the jar with it.