On our arrival we drove to the Club Hotel, the appearance of which was certainly not inviting. Every article of furniture was covered with dust, which so filled the atmosphere as to render objects on the opposite side of the street almost invisible. The streets of the city are broad and uniform, and the houses for the most part of one storey. It is evidently a town in its infancy; in fact, the ground on which it now stands was a barren steppe thirty years ago.'

He gives a long and interesting account of his stay in the Crimea, where he was the guest of Prince Woronzow. How little he could have anticipated when visiting Se-bastopol and Balaclava, which he minutely describes, that he would one day have two sons fighting the Russians on that dreary plateau!

The journal ends at Brody, a town inhabited chiefly by Jews, where he was detained through difficulties with his passport, and where he put on paper the following reflections suggested during his stay in Russia:-

The menacing attitude assumed by Russia towards her neighbour Turkey, the revolution now going on at Constantinople on account of the suppression of the Janissaries, and the known tendency of Muscovite policy, will make this country, probably at no very distant period, the battlefield of Europe. Every step which Russia makes towards the Dardanelles must be considered as the advance of barbarism against civilisation. Whether this inroad of the Northern hordes will take place in the lifetime of anyone now living, who can tell ? But come it must, sooner or later. The Russians even now talk of Constantinople as theirs, and sometimes pronounce the words Malta and Gibraltar. What they aim at is universal dominion in Europe and the annihilation of our power in the East. The Imperial Court is increasing its influence every day in Germany by the matrimonial alliances it is contracting with the different reigning families in that country, and at the same time it is conciliating the leading diplomatists of Europe by munificent presents. The boundary of the Empire will soon be removed from the Pruth to the Danube; and with the mouth of that river in the power of Russia, Austria is annihilated and the commerce of Germany intercepted, if not ruined. Some great European convulsion is not by any means an impossibility, seeing how restless and dissatisfied France is under her present government. And Russia, separated as well by her institutions as by her geographical position from the contact of liberal opinions, will be ready to pounce, as it were, upon Europe, torn and distracted by internal dissensions. We have only to observe the preparations Russia is everywhere making, to be sure what her designs are. I saw fifteen sail of the line in the harbour of Sebastopol. What enemy can they fear in an inland sea like the Euxine ? Is it not manifestly assembled to attack Turkey, just now enfeebled by the revolt of the Janissaries and impoverished by a defective administration of her affairs ? The Russians are in no hurry to arm Sebastopol, because they have no one to fear ; but English engineers are now employed there, and I make no doubt that long before any necessity arises that place will be rendered impregnable. If we turn from the South to the North, what do we see going on at Kronstadt and other fortified towns on the Gulf of Finland ? What a fleet is at Kronstadt! I forget how many sail of the line, but quite disproportionate to the exigencies of the State in time of peace. That the blow is meditated no one can doubt; all that is wanting is a pretext, a favourable opportunity. And when the vast resources of the country are organised, then the question is : Who is to oppose this inroad of the Russian hordes, this second and perhaps final irruption of the Huns ? It is clear Turkey can oppose no effective resistance ; her tottering dominions are already falling to pieces under the weight of her own intestine disorders. Prussia will not - she is so bound to Russia by ties of consanguinity and diplomatic cajolery - and indeed, if she were willing, she could not stem the torrent, Austria, with her heterogeneous and discontented population, has too much to do at home to send an army to the banks of the Pruth. The Greeks are the co-religionists of Russia. What, then, remains ? England and France. But a cordial alliance cannot be reckoned upon between two countries who have drawn the sword against each other for twenty years. As for the Scandinavian Powers, they are prostrate at the feet of the great Autocrat. I really, therefore, see nothing that can prevent Russia from walking across Europe whenever she is so disposed.

These somewhat melancholy forebodings were made whilst waiting for my passport, and no doubt were in a great measure inspired by the wretched place in which I then was! The filth, the degraded aspect of this town, with its loathsome miserable population, no words can describe, and great indeed was my joy on seeing my courier arrive from Lemberg with the passport which was to emacipate us from this Jewish city. The rest of our journey was through the fertile plains of Moravia, and we made a triumphal entry into Vienna on September 6th. Those only who have been for some time in contact with barbarians can duly appreciate the happiness of once more finding themselves amongst a civilised people'