I forgot to say last month that the best time to strike double and single gorse, and some of the ericas, is at the end of May. The little young shoots should be pinched out and planted in sand under a bell glass in the shade. In six months, or the following spring, they can be moved. It answers better to buy double gorse than single, which can be grown from seed, because the double is sent out in pots, and in this way a year or two is gained. A double gorse hedge requires nothing but a little cutting back, and an occasional mulching if the summer is very dry. When well grown a double gorse hedge is one of the loveliest and most effective I know, and quite impassable to man or beast. There is one in this neighbourhood that is such a glory in May that even cyclists stop to look at it. I am afraid I cannot say the same of motorists. It is best to plant the young gorse in a groove on a raised mound of earth, first of all because it protects the growth of its tender years from being trodden on, and secondly, the nature of the plant with its weight of flower causes its branches tofalldownwards,thusincreasing the beautyof its wondrous glow.Even well-struck cuttings, if in an exposed position, where they do best ultimately, want a little care - such as mulching, or covering with bracken or straw - thefirstwinter or two. Slightly nipping back in spring helps the growth of all young shrubs.In the case of laurustinus, large and small branches may be cut out with immense advantage. Ofcourse, this does not mean cutting back inthegardener's hedge sense, as that would remove all the bloom for the coming year, while thinning out immensely improves the next year's flowering. This appliesto all springshrubs, lilacs, wistarias, spiraeas, &c. In a corner of my kitchen garden I keep a space for Solomon's seals, digging them up for forcing as they are required.Gerarde in his 'Herbal' has a delightful allusion to this plant; he says that Solomon'ssealisgood for'bruises gotten by women's wilfulnessinfalling against their husbands' fists.'