To color Easter eggs red, wash them thoroughly and place in a saucepan of water with a little cochineal, carmine or logwood, and boil for ten minutes. When done leave them in the colored fluid for about five minutes; then take them out, wipe dry and rub over with an oiled cloth. Use spinach for green, saffron for yellow. By tying the eggs up in the outside skins of onions, a pretty maize is obtained.

A pretty dish of Easter eggs may be prepared as follows: Pour one pint of cold water over one ounce of gelatine, and let it steep for four hours; add one pound of sugar and three pints of boiling milk, and stir over the fire until the sugar and the gelatine are quite dissolved; then strain and divide into four parts. Stir into one part two tablespoonfuls of sweet vanilla-flavored chocolate; into another the beaten yolks of two eggs; a little prepared cochineal or very red fruit syrup into the third, and leave the fourth white. Flavor the white with rose-water, the red with essence of almonds, the brown with vanilla, and the yellow with essence of lemon. Put the yellow portion over the fire and let it heat long enough to cook the eggs, stirring continually. Have a dozen egg-shells ready, emptied .through a very small hole made at one end of the shell, and rinse well in cold water, changing it several times. Do not drain or dry them, as the insides must be quite wet when the shells are filled. Fill three shells with each of the mixtures, standing them upright in a pan of flour or finely-powdered salt, and let them remain all night. On the following day fill a glass dish three parts full with white wine jelly cut in pieces, and on this arrange the eggs, having first peeled off the shells. Scatter among them candied orange and citron peel cut into thin shreds.