The following list gives some of the more common poisons and the remedies most likely to be on hand in case of need: -


These cause great heat and sensation of burning pain from the mouth down to the stomach. The remedies are: Magnesia, soda, pearl ash, or soap dissolved in water, every two minutes; then use the stomach pump, or an emetic.


Drink freely of water with vinegar or lemon juice in it, made very strong of the sour.


Remedy is lemon juice or vinegar.

Arsenic Remedies

Give prompt emetic of mustard and salt, a tablespoonful of each, in a coffeecup of warm water; then follow with sweet oil, butter made warm, or milk. Also may use the white of an egg in half a cupful of milk or lime water. Chalk and water is good, and the preparation of iron, ten drops in water every half hour; hy-drated magnesia.


First cleanse out the stomach by an emetic, then dash cold water on the head, and give ammonia (spirits of hartshorn).

Laudanum, Morphine, Opium

First give a strong emetic of mustard and water, then very strong coffee and acid drinks; dash cold water on the head, then keep in motion.


Give an emetic of mustard, salt and water; then drink plenty of vinegar and water or lemonade.


In poisons, by carbonic gas, remove the patient to the open air, dash cold water on the head and body, and stimulate the nostrils and lungs with hartshorn, at the same time rubbing the chest briskly.

Corrosive Sublimate, Saltpetre, Blue Vitriol, Bed-Bug Poison

Give white of egg, freshly mixed with water, in large quantities; or give wheat flour and water, or soap and water freely, or salt and water, or large draughts of milk.


White lead and sugar of lead. Give an emetic, then follow with cathartics, such as castor oil, and epsom salts especially.

Nux Vomica

First emetics, and then brandy.

Oxalic Acid (Frequently Taken For Epsom Salts)

First give soap and water, or chalk or magnesia and water. Give every two minutes.

White Vitriol

Give plenty of milk and water.

Tartar Emetic

Take large doses of tea made of white oak bark, or peruvian bark. Drink plenty of warm water to encourage vomiting; then, if the vomiting should not stop, give a grain of opium in water.

Nitrate Of Silver (Lunar Caustic)

Give a strong solution of common salt and water, and then an emetic.


Give plenty of white of egg and water.


Emetics, frequent draughts of cold water; camphor and brandy.