1 Turnip.

2 Carrots.

1 Swede.

1 Parsnip.

1 Banana.

1 Apple.

1 head of Celery.

1 Tomato.

1/2 Cocoanut fresh, or 2 oz. Desiccated Cocoanut.

1 dessertspoonful of Vencatachellum

Curry Powder.

2 oz. Butter or Nut Margarine.

How To Make:

Thoroughly wash the vegetables, and peel the turnip, swede, parsnip and carrots, pass through an Enterprise mincer, or chop finely by hand. Fry the curry powder in the butter, then put all the ingredients into a good heavy stewpan with 1 gill of water and simmer for 2 hours, or better still 3 hours; this curry should then be fairly dry. Stand aside for a day or two, and make hot as required. Serve in the centre of well cooked Patna rice, all the grains separate, and garnish with lemon and chopped parsley.

To Boil Rice:

Wash in three waters, plunge into fast boiling salted water, using 4 oz. of rice to a quart. When ready, the grains will be able to be squeezed between thumb and finger until no core remains. Turn into a sieve and let the cold water run over it for ten minutes, then reheat in sieve with cloth over in the oven.