No. 203. Lentil Pudding

1 tablespoon soaked lentils. 1/4 pint water.

2 tablespoons soaked sago. 1/2 ounce butter.

1 turnip.

1 carrot.

1 shalot.

1/2 teaspoon salt.

Paste for crust No. 207.

Slice the carrot and turnip, mince the shalot, and place them in a stewpan with the lentils, butter, and water; boil for about half an hour, add salt and sago, and stir for three minutes. Line a small pudding basin with paste, pour in the mixture, cover with more paste, tie a floured cloth over, and boil for three hours.

No. 205. Baked Mushroom Pudding

1/2 pound haricot bean pulp. 6 or 8 button mushrooms.

1 shalot.

2 teaspoons of Worcester or other sauce.

3 eggs.

1 ounce butter.

Pepper and salt to taste.

To obtain the pulp, rub about three-quarters of a pound of well-cooked beans through a wire sieve, add the mushrooms and shalot very finely minced, stir in the yolks of the eggs reserving the whites, add seasoning if required; grease a deep tin or pie dish with the butter, pour in the mixture, and bake for about half an hour, or until set. In the meantime beat the whites to a stiff froth, and after beating add the sauce, turn the pudding on to a hot dish, arrange the froth prettily over it, and return to the oven to set the egg. Serve quickly.

This pudding may be steamed instead of baked, but the whites of eggs will not then be required.

No. 206. Boiled Mushroom Pudding


Pudding crust.

Butter a pudding basin, line it with paste, fill with mushrooms, add pepper and salt to taste (about one teaspoonful of salt and half of pepper to one dozen good sized mushrooms), adding gravy made by stewing the peel and stalks of the mushrooms for half an hour in sufficient water to cover them, and strained before using. Cover with paste, flour a cloth and tie firmly over, and boil for three hours.

No. 207. Plain Paste For Puddings

3/4 pound flour.

6 ounces butter.

Rather less than 1/2 pint water.

A pinch of salt.

1 teaspoon baking powder.

Pass the flour through a sieve on to a board, mix with it the salt and baking powder, and thoroughly rub in the butter. Make a hole in the centre of the paste, pour in the water, stirring it into the paste at the same time with the other hand. When sufficiently moist to adhere in the shape of a ball, roll out to the required thickness. If cooked in a basin the pudding will require to boil for at least three hours; if in a cloth, less time will be found sufficient.

No. 196. Asparagus Pudding

40 heads of asparagus. 1 1/2 ounces flour. 2 ounces butter. 4 eggs.

1 tablespoon milk. 1/2 teaspoon salt. A little pepper.

Place the flour and butter in a basin and beat them thoroughly, then add the salt, pepper, milk, the eggs well beaten, and the tender green part of the asparagus cut very small; stir all well together, then pour into a well-buttered mould or basin, and steam for one and a half hours. Turn out, and serve with asparagus sauce poured over.

No. 210. Potato Pudding

4 or 6 potatoes, according to size. 1 onion or shalot. 1 gill of milk.

2 hard boiled eggs.

1 teaspoon salt.

1 teaspoon mixed sweet herbs.

Paste for crust No. 207.

Boil the potatoes, onion and egg separately for fifteen minutes, then slice and mix well together, sprinkling in the salt and herbs. Line a middling sized pudding basin with paste, fill with the mixture, pour in the milk, cover with paste, wetting round the edges so that they join well, tie a cloth over, plunge it into a large saucepan half full of boiling water, and boil rather fast for three and a half hours.

Note. - A vegetable sauce should be served with the pudding.

No. 213. Vermicelli And Tomato Pudding

6 ounces cooked vermicelli. 6 ounces mashed potato. 2 shalots, or a small onion. 2 eggs.

1 teaspoon salt.

1/4 teaspoon pepper.

2 tablespoons tomato juice. 1 ounce butter.

Boil the shalot or onion ten minutes, then mince finely and mix well with the vermicelli, potatoes, salt, pepper, tomato and yolks of eggs, beat the whites and add them last, then pour the mixture into a well-buttered pudding basin, and steam one and a half hours, or it may be baked.