No. 112. Spinach With Peas And Tomatoes

2 pounds spinach.

1/2 pound shelled green peas.

1 onion.

1/2 pint tomato juice.

A little pepper.

3 teaspoons salt. 1 ounce butter. 1/2 ounce flour. A little water.

Place the peas, the onion sliced, one teaspoonful of salt, and half a pint of water in a stewpan, and boil with the lid off until the peas are tender. Have ready the tomato juice thickened with half ounce each of flour and butter, add to the peas and stir well. In the meantime, cook the spinach (which must have been well washed and picked) in a little water and the remainder of the salt. When tender, strain through a colander, well press out the water, turn the spinach on to a chopping-board, chop very fine, then place it into a stewpan containing half an ounce of butter and stir over a brisk fire for a few minutes, adding pepper to taste. Turn the spinach on to a hot dish, pour over the peas, and serve with sippets of toast.

No. 113. Surprise Balls

6 ounces cooked greens of any kind. 12 ounces mashed potatoes.

1 egg.

10 or 12 forcemeat balls.

Egg and bread crumbs.

Chop the greens thoroughly, and mix them with the mashed potatoes and egg; envelop each forcemeat ball with a thick layer of this mixture, roll in egg and bread crumbs, and fry in boiling oil until a nice brown.

No. 114. Toad-In-The-Hole

1/4 pound cooked lentils. 1/4 pound mashed potatoes. 1 teaspoon mixed herbs. Half an egg.

1/2 teaspoon salt. 1/2 teaspoon pepper. 1/2 ounce butter. Batter.

Chop the lentils, add potatoes, herbs, salt, pepper and egg, shape into six sausages, and fry in the butter until brown. Make a batter, No. 197, well grease a good-sized pie-dish, place the sausages in, pour the batter over, and bake in a moderate oven about thirty minutes.

No. 118. Turnips With Poached Eggs

1 bunch turnips.

2 quarts water.

1 tablespoon salt.

2 teaspoons chopped watercress.

Some browned bread crumbs.

4 eggs.

1 1/2 ounces butter.

1 teaspoon white pepper.

Peel and quarter the turnips, and boil them in the salt and water until tender; strain and press the water well out, return them to the saucepan (which should be first rinsed and wiped), add butter, and beat them well with a strong fork over a gentle heat; add pepper, then turn into a flat pie dish, but do not quite fill it. Break four eggs on the top, sprinkle over them the watercress and a little salt, also the bread crumbs and half ounce butter broken in small pieces, and bake until the eggs are set, but not hard.

Note. - An ornamental pie dish should be used, as it must go to table.

No. 123. Vermicelli And Cheese

2 ounces vermicelli.

3 ounces grated cheese. 1 pint milk.

1/2 teaspoon salt.

1 egg.

1/2 ounce butter.

Stew the vermicelli in the milk for five minutes, stir in the grated cheese, and allow to cook for another five minutes; add salt, then take the stew-pan off the fire. When slightly cooled, break the egg, drop the white into a basin, and the yolk into the stewpan. Whip the white to a stiff froth, add to the mixture, and stir; pour into a buttered pie dish, and bake for about twenty minutes.