No. 97. Stuffed Potatoes

8 good-sized potatoes. 20 button mushrooms. 2 hard-boiled eggs. 1 teaspoon salt.

1 teaspoon sweet herbs.

2 ounces butter.

1 tablespoon minced parsley.

1 tablespoon milk or cream.

2 tablespoons bread crumbs. 1/2 teaspoon pepper.

1 egg.

Wash the potatoes well and boil them gently in their skins for fifteen minutes, lift them carefully out and place on one side to cool. Mix together all the ingredients for the stuffing, cut the potatoes carefully in half, scoop out the centres with a sharp pointed knife and fill the hollow places with the mixture. Remove the skins, and brush over the divided parts of the potatoes with egg, join again and bind with thread if necessary, place in a baking tin with the butter, which has been previously melted, and bake in a hot oven twenty or thirty minutes. Serve with white sauce Nos. 184 or 185.

No. 98. Stuffed Potatoes. Another Way

6 medium-sized potatoes. 3 tablespoons fine bread crumbs. 2 teapoons sage. 1/2 teaspoon salt.

1/2 teaspoon pepper.

2 onions.

1 tablespoon cooked rice.

1 egg.

1 ounce butter.

Proceed as in previous recipe, substituting this stuffing. Take care to well brown the potatoes on both sides by turning them in the tin, and serve apple sauce as an accompaniment, also brown sauce No. 177.