While cauliflower is a delightfully delicate vegetable when properly cooked, it is easily rendered strong and disagreeable. It should be cooked until tender only, 15-25 m. in constantly boiling liquid, either slightly salted water, or milk and water (1/3 milk), salted. Tie loosely in cheese cloth or muslin to prevent any particles of scum from settling on it and to keep the flowerets whole, then drop into a sufficient quantity of rapidly boiling liquid to cover it.

It should not lose its snowy whiteness in cooking. 5 m. of over-cooking will ruin it. The milk helps to keep it white and gives it a richer flavor.

To serve whole, trim off the outside leaves, leaving the inside green leaves on, and cut the stalk close. When done, lay carefully in a round dish and pour sauce over or around it. If the head is a perfect one, do not cover its beauty with sauce.

Sauce 16, 18 or 75 or 34 plain or with lemon juice, are all suitable for the heads, and when broken into flowerets it is delightful with hot rich cream poured over it. Salt and oil, with or without lemon juice may also be used.

Nice perfect flowerets with Sauce Américaine or any suitable sauce may be used as a garnish for timbales and other true meat dishes.

For salad, let cooked cauliflower stand in cold water until ready to serve.