"A loaf of bread," the Walrus said, "Is what we chiefly need. Pepper and vinegar beside, Are very good indeed."

Lewis Carroll.


4 pounds and 2 ounces of flour 3/4 ounce of yeast

1 3/4 pints of water 1/4. ounce of salt

A bread-mixer should be used in making this bread. Best seconds flour is better than superfine flour. The water must be warm, but not too hot to bear the hand in. Dissolve the yeast in the water; add the salt, and stir all well together. Pour the liquid into the bread-mixer. Now add the flour which must be sifted. Fasten the top on the mixer, and turn the handle for exactly three minutes. Remove the cover, and have ready a well-floured pastry-board. Take a large knife and remove the dough from the central screw, divide it into four equal parts, and place each part in a well-greased bread-tin. Let the tins stand in a warm place for one hour to rise. The plate rack above an ordinary kitchen stove is a good place. Then put them in a very moderately heated oven, and after the first twenty minutes increase the heat until it is hot, but not so hot as is required for pastry. The loaves must bake for an hour. Bread is much better baked in tins; but if tins are not used, the dough must be divided into four, and formed into round cakes and placed on the oven shelves, which must be first floured. Three-quarters of an hour to rise, and the same to bake will then be quite long enough. Great care should be taken in weighing and measuring the quantities.

White Bread

In a quart measure, dissolve one yeast cake, add one tablespoon of salt, three tablespoons of sugar, two table-spoons melted butter. Fill the measure half milk and half water, lukewarm, and pour into bread-mixer. Add three quarts of sifted flour, and turn the handle for ten or fifteen minutes. Cover and let it rise until double in bulk; when properly risen, turn the handle a few times to collect the dough on the kneading blade, and remove to the board. This makes four loaves.

Milk Bread

Scalded milk

1/2 cake compressed yeast

1/2 tablespoon sugar

1 1/2, tablespoons butter 1/2 tablespoon of salt 1 1/2 quarts sifted flour

Put into a pint measure the butter, salt and one-half cup of boiling water. Fill it up with scalded milk. When lukewarm, stir and pour into bread-mixer, keeping back enough of the liquid to thoroughly dissolve the yeast. Add the dissolved yeast to the other liquids in the bread-mixer and lastly, the sifted flour, slightly warmed. Knead five minutes in the mixer. Set away in a warm place for one and one-half hours or until the dough is light. Knead again for five minutes. Set away in a warm place for an hour or more until well risen. Turn upon a molding board and shape in loaves. Place in buttered pans, and put in a warm place until light. Bake in a hot oven three-fourths of an hour. Remove from the pan and place the loaves in such a position that the air will reach all sides. This will form a crisp crust. To obtain a soft crust, wrap in a cloth.