Chestnut Pie No. 1

1 pound of chestnuts

2 ounces butter

3 ounces macaroni

2 tablespoons sauce

1 tablespoon rusk crumbs

1 tablespoon flour

Throw the chestnuts into boiling water for half an hour; take them out a few at a time, and skin them; pass them through a nut mill or sieve. Cook the macaroni in one pint of milk, drain, and cut up into small pieces. Make a sauce of the milk it was boiled in with the flour and butter. Grease a pie dish, and put a layer of macaroni at the bottom, then a layer of the sauce, then put the chestnuts. Add the rest of the sauce, and put a thin layer of macaroni and rusk crumbs on the top. Put in the oven for half an hour to brown.

Chestnut Pie No. 2

1 quart of shelled chestnuts 1/2 pint can mushrooms

1 1/2 pints white sauce Biscuit crust

To shell the chestnuts, place them in boiling water, and boil ten minutes. While hot, remove the shell and inner skin with a sharp paring knife. Drain the liquid from the mushrooms, and cut the latter in small pieces. Heat mushrooms in a tablespoon of butter in a double boiler; arrange the chestnuts and mushrooms in layers in a baking dish, and pour over them the white sauce. Roll biscuit dough about one-quarter of an inch thick, and cover the chestnuts. Make several openings in the top of the crust. Bake in a quick oven until nicely browned.