Vermicelli Pudding No. 1

4 ounces of vermicelli

1 pint of milk

1/2 thin rind of a lemon

1 dessertspoon of sugar

1/2 ounce butter

A little grated nutmeg

Put the milk to simmer with the lemon rind until it is nicely flavored, then take it out, and add the sugar and butter.

Throw the vermicelli into plenty of fast-boiling water, and let it boil quickly for five minutes; then drain it well. Now stir it into the sweetened milk, and let it boil, stirring until it begins to boil.

Turn into a pie dish, grate a little nutmeg over it, and bake in a moderate oven for an hour.

Vermicelli Pudding No. 2

1 pint of milk

2 ounces of vermicelli

2 tablespoons of sugar Grated rinds of 2 lemons

Put the milk in a double saucepan, and let it come to boiling point; then sprinkle in the vermicelli, breaking it up a little in doing so. Allow it to boil gently in the milk till it is clear and soft and about twice its original size. Then add the sugar and grated lemon rinds. Pour the mixture in the greased basin or mold, cover with greased paper, and steam gently for about half an hour. Turn out carefully, and serve hot, garnished with orange fritters.