Cucumbers With Cream Sauce

Pare good-sized cucumbers; cut into halves; scoop out the seeds; cut each half into three, crosswise; soak in cold water for an hour or two. When ready to cook, throw into boiling salted water; boil until transparent and tender, about thirty minutes; drain. Carefully put them at once into a heated dish; pour over a half pint of white sauce.

Cucumbers With Sauce Hollandaise

Boil as directed in preceding recipe. When thoroughly drained, dish and cover with sauce Hollandaise.

Fried Cucumbers

Cut good-sized cucumbers into slices a half inch thick, crosswise; dust with salt, dip in beaten egg, roll in bread-crumbs, and sauté in a small quantity of hot fat, browning on one side, then turning and browning on the other. These are nice for luncheon. They may be served with stewed tomatoes or lima beans.