Scald a pint of milk, and when lukewarm add one cake of compressed yeast moistened in a half cupful of lukewarm water. Add a half teaspoonful of salt and two cupfuls of gluten flour. Beat thoroughly and stand in a warm place until very very light - for two and a half to three hours. Then add the well-beaten whites of two eggs arid sufficient flour to make a dough that can be manipulated with a spoon; it must be too thick to beat and not sufficiently thick to knead. Pour this into greased square pans, filling them half full; cover and stand in a warm place until very light. You can tell this by lifting the pan. When the dough seems to have lost its weight and the pan is light, put it into a moderately quick oven and bake three-quarters of an hour. Gluten bread, to be perfect, must be rather coarse grained, perfectly light and well baked. It will always be more or less sticky on account of the gluten.