On account of the different conditions of flour it is impossible to give an accurate quantity. You must use your judgment to a certain extent, keeping the amount of yeast and liquid uniform. For instance, the quantity following will make four box loaves of bread. If you wish to make eight, double the yeast, the liquid, the salt and the flour.

Scald one pint of milk; add one pint of water and a half teaspoonful of salt; and when the mixture is lukewarm add one cake of compressed yeast moistened in two tablespoonfuls of warm water. Add sufficient flour to make a batter and beat thoroughly for ten minutes. Cover and stand in a warm place for two and a half hours. Then add sufficient flour to make a soft dough. Knead this dough quickly until it loses its stickiness. Divide it into three or four loaves; put each loaf in a square pan; cover and stand for an hour in the same warm place, about 75 Fahr., until it has doubled in bulk; brush the top quickly with warm water and put it in a hot oven. When brown, reduce the heat and bake three-quarters of an hour. Turn each loaf from the pan; stand on a board covered with a cloth, but do not cover the loaves. It is better to tip the bread, so that the air may circulate around the entire loaf. This makes a nice crisp crust.

With Dry Yeast

Put two cakes of dry yeast in a half cupful of warm water; let soak half an hour; then add six or eight tablespoonfuls of whole wheat flour; beat and stand aside for two hours. This should be kept at a temperature of about 8o Fahr. At bedtime scald a pint of milk; when lukewarm add a pint of lukewarm water and the "starting" sponge, which by this time should be very light. Add a half teaspoonful of salt and a tablespoonful of sugar. Sugar is objectionable in bread, but with dry yeast sometimes seems necessary to encourage the growth of the plant. Now proceed as in the first recipe, making a sponge which should be covered and kept at about 65 or 700 Fahr. over night. Early in the morning add flour, knead, divide into loaves, and finish precisely the same as in preceding recipe.