Select perfectly fresh asparagus; wash it well; peel the butts and cut off the hard portion. Cover with boiling salted water, boil fifteen minutes and cool.

Arrange the asparagus in wide-mouthed jars, butts down. Fill the jars with cold water, adjust the rubbers, and put the tops on loosely. Stand these in a boiler, the bottom of which is protected by a rack. Surround the jars partly with cold water, cover the boiler, and boil continuously one hour. Lift one jar at a time, screw down the lid, cover the boiler and boil for another hour. You cannot lift the lids from any of the jars and lay them on the table, and then put them back on the jar, and have the contents keep. The lid must be screwed down without taking them from the jar. The lids should be solid, either glass or other material without lining.