As previously stated, stratified seeds kept in open air or the cellar must be planted very early or they may sprout in the boxes. But aside from this the fruit-tree seeds germinate at a low temperature and succeed best when planted quite as early as seeds of such cold-blooded plants as the pea, lettuce, and radish. But the temperature of our northern summers - especially west of the lakes - permit the growing of many subtropical annuals, such as corn, bean, melon, cucumber, tomato, egg-plant, and subtropical flowers. If planted in the open air in any part of the Union, we must wait until the soil is warm enough to germinate the seeds quickly to secure healthy after-growth.

Plantlet of Pumpkin

Plantlet of Pumpkin.

Plantlet of Bean

Plantlet of Bean.

Plantlet of Indian Corn

Plantlet of Indian Corn.

Plantlet of Pea

Plantlet Of Pea.

Fig. 1.