The amateur or commercial fruit-grower who finds that any one of the orchard or small fruits succeeds unusually well in his vicinity should encourage his neighbors to increase their plantings. Union is strength in fruit-growing to an unusual extent. The locality that becomes noted for the methodic growing and shipping of any given fruit, nut, or other horticultural product has advantages in shipping, selection of market, and in the way of procuring the neatest, best, and cheapest shipping crates, baskets, barrels, etc.

The neighborhood also can combine in the saving of what would prove waste products in a single orchard by drying, canning, cider, vinegar, and in other ways. The best-selling fruits in any market are from neighborhood combines where the gathering, sorting, and packing are systematized.

Another special gain in neighborhood fruit centres is in the educational way. Spraying soon becomes systematized, and the same is true of alternating varieties to secure cross-fertilization, home propagation from the selected trees of given varieties, irrigation of small fruits, orchards, and gardens, and indeed in all lines pertaining to profitable fruit-growing on their soil and in their climate.