These are not identical species, but their habits are about the same. With the apple the winged lice lay their eggs around the buds of the new growth, which hatch into green lice as the buds begin to expand in the spring. It is about the same with the leaf and young-twig aphis of the plum, cherry, and peach, as the eggs are exposed at the base of the buds prior to the starting of growth in the spring.

The remedy is spraying in the dormant period with kerosene emulsion (158. Spraying for the Bark and Leaf Aphis.) made very strong, followed by spraying with the ordinary emulsion when the young lice appear. Still later the nearly mature insects can be reached that have escaped the first spraying by turning the nozzle upward to reach the under side of the leaves on the new growth.

The same solution can be used in spraying for leaf lice in the greenhouse, garden, and nursery, but cases may occur, as with the cabbage aphis, where hot water or pyrethrum is to be preferred.