In the growing of handsome and good summer and fall apples in private gardens dwarfing on paradise or other dwarf stocks is often an advantage, as they can be grown along drives or even walks. Section (145. Training Dwarf Apple- and Pear-trees) gives hints on shaping and the selection of stocks for different parts of the country. Such varieties as Longfield, Anisovka, Red Astrachan, Jersey sweet, Porter, Baldwin, Dyer, Benoni, and sweet Bough form fine rounded tops without much attention to pruning. If not wanted along roads or paths they can be given a small plot of ground where they can be planted about as closely together as the grape and closer than sour cherries and the plums. They come into bearing as soon as the grape and when six years old usually bear a bushel each season. At the West we have known the Longfield on Pyrus toringo stocks to bear one bushel of fruit four years after planting in garden. The needed pruning is given in section (145).