In orange-growing centres in this country the first plantings of the gulf region and west coast were mainly seedlings, and seedlings are yet set in orchard with view to top-working. In top-working old seedling orchards the usual plan is to cut back one half of the top at one time and insert buds in the young shoots that start from the stubs. This is repeated the next season on the other half. The top-working of young seedlings set in orchard for stocks is done by budding on the side limbs and at top the season after setting, as practised in top-working young apple-trees (89. Top-working the Apple). Grafting is not often practised with the orange, for the evident reason that the leaves, even if cut back in part, are apt to dry the scion before it has time to unite with the stock. But under glass it is nearly as easy to graft as to bud the citrus fruits.