This is a combined ornamental and fruit-bearing shrub or small tree native to Japan and China. It has long wide, evergreen leaves decidedly ornamental, and terminal panicles of white and very fragrant flowers that continue in succession from August until December as grown on the south coast, in Arizona, and California. The fruits ripen from February to May, and bear transportation as well as the orange. It is creamy yellow in color, like a small apple, round or pyri-form in shape, and grows in clusters almost like grapes. It is from one to one and one half inches in diameter, with quite large seeds, and with juicy, refreshing flesh mildly subacid. For pies, jellies, marmalade, and dessert it is preferred by most persons to the cherry.

215. Propagation

In its relationship this fruit seems uncertain. It buds readily on the angers quince, pear, and we have budded it on Pyrus arbutifolia, or bearberry, of the North. It also grows readily from stratified seed kept moist, but freezing is not required. But where select varieties are wanted for fruit-bearing, such as the Giant, it is best to bud on angers quince stocks. At the North it is often propagated for growing in greenhouses and as a house plant. In pots it fruits well in an ordinary living-room.