This is often called the apple of tropical climates. The fruits of the best tropical varieties are often as large as a good-sized apple or pear. It is an immense bearer. The fruit ripens from August to October in southern Florida. If all that start at one time ripened together the load could not be supported and the fruit would be small. In Cuba it is quite a pest, as it springs up in every unoccupied spot as dropped by the birds. It seems that no special efforts have been made to secure the best varieties, as the large white-fleshed varieties brought from the East Indies to England we have not seen equalled in Cuba or extreme south California. The greater part of the commercial guava jelly comes from the West Indies. The fruit of this species is pear-shaped and is known as Psidium pyriferum by botanists. This as seen in Cuba is small, smooth, with yellow color of skin and flesh, and when fully ripe it is aromatic, mildly acid, and really good in flavor. In south California the strawberry guava is mainly grown. This also is small, claret colored, with pulpy purplish flesh, white at centre. It has a mingling of sweet and sour, and a distinct strawberry flavor. The yellow variety is also prized for jelly-making and for making tarts and marmalade. In Florida what are known as the Japan and yellow strawberry types are grown mainly with foliage looking much like that of the camelia. These will endure about as much frost as the orange, and if frozen down they come into bearing from the seed in two years. At this time some Florida parties have combined to grow pineapples and tropical guavas in western Cuba. They will propagate the varieties of best grade by grafting and growing from large cuttings. If systematically managed guava jelly and marmalade will be found as a trade product wherever oranges are sold. Planting the seeds where the trees are to stand and top-grafting or crown-grafting them has given the best results in starting plantations in Cuba by American growers. If the Indian varieties are introduced the fruits also can be shipped from Cuba as safely as the orange and at comparatively low rates, as it is an enormous bearer.