The fan renewal system adopted in parts of the Union is much like the diagonal-training plan of the prairie States, except that in this system the canes are trained in both directions on the wire, as shown in Fig. 75. What is known as the Thomery system is shown at Fig. 76. This is not as complicated in practice as it appears. It is useful in home grounds where space is limited, where a single row can be started in a sunny situation. It is really the laying-down plan (232. Training for Laying Down at the North) two stories in height. The vines are planted eight feet apart and every alternate one is run up to the top wires, while the intermediate vines fruit on the lower trellis. In this double-decked plan the spurs will soon get too high if every shoot that starts from the lower side of the spur is not saved or at least enough are saved to keep up a renewal of the spurs at least once in three years. With this care we have made a Thomery row in the garden very profitable and satisfactory for many years, giving five or six varieties, ripening at different times on the same garden row.

Two year old vine pruned on the fan system

Fig. 75. - Two-year-old vine pruned on the fan system.

Thomery training

Fig. 76. - Thomery training.