This quite-near relative of our buffalo-berry was introduced from Japan. It is a bush in habit with reddish-brown branches and handsome foliage with peculiar star like centres above and brown scales below. The fruit is oval, and dark green until of full size, when it suddenly changes to a beautiful crimson, dotted with golden spots. When fully ripe the fruit is of the size of small cherries, with a spicy flavor that most persons like. It makes an excellent sauce and a jelly that has an agreeable aromatic flavor. In mild climates where the Japan plums are fully hardy, it is a very heavy bearer and an ornamental shrub on the lawn. As with the Juneberry, the birds are peculiarly fond of the fruit. If grown commercially, however, the quantity the birds take would not be missed.

It is propagated by cuttings of the young wood planted in autumn (58. Fall-planting of Cuttings). But it is more frequently propagated by half-dormant cuttings in June and July under glass. We have secured additional hardiness of plant by budding and grafting it on seedlings of Elœagnus angustifolia, which also increases the vigor and size of the bush.