Spirœs Van Houtteii stands well at the head of the list in beauty of form, flower, and ability to thrive in nearly all climates. Its pendulous branches are loaded with pure-white flowers, and through the season its bright-green leaves and graceful habit gives it interest. A single plant with ample room for perfect development often gives a striking expression in a porch corner or angle of the walk. (Fig. 95.)

Van Houtt's Spiroea

Fig. 95. - Van Houtt's Spiroea (Spirœa Van Houtteii). (After Maynard.)

Spirœa prunifolla gives its annual tribute of pure white double flowers. Its habit of growth best fits it for a group. If tbe strongest canes are cut back after blooming, the number of bearing branches will be much increased (152. Pruning and Shaping Shrubs) (Fig. 90.)

Spirœa Thunbergii. - This Oriental species has fine fernlike foliage that in autumn assumes a golden shade. It is useful as a group border, especially near the house.

Spirœa trilobata is a dwarf compact grower, with masses of white flowers, very useful for border in banking inside a taller growth.

Bridal wreath

Fig. 96. - Bridal-wreath (Spirœa prunifolia).

Spirœa callosa alba is also useful as a group or bank border if the old wood is cut back as practised with the roses, as it only bears on wood of the same season's growth.