This numerous family of ornamental shrubs is popularly known as syringa in Europe and America. As this is the botanical name of the lilac familv, it seems to be a survival of the old times when the mock-orange, lilac, and jasmine were classed together.

In lawn and park planting there is little gain in planting more than four or five of the best varieties that vary in size of plant and some in season. Of the larger-growing species Philadelphus coronarius, P. grandiflorus (Fig. 97), and P. Gordonianus are most valuable for the prairie States, and probably for a large part of the Union. The smaller-growing type is best represented by such varieties as P. zeyheri, as their flowers are large, pure white, and very fragrant.

Mock orange, large flowered (Philadelphus grandiflorus

Fig. 97. - Mock-orange, large-flowered (Philadelphus grandiflorus), (After Maynard.)

The beauty of bush and profuse flowering of the mock-orange species depends largely on slight annual pruning (152. Pruning and Shaping Shrubs)