Lonicera media of east Europe is specially valuable. It is hardy far North, and does well, so far as tested, South and East. It is handsome in foliage, flower, and fruit. For some reason the bright-red berries are not eaten by the birds and show from afar in midwinter.

Lonicera sempervirens is a native species that is nearly as hardy as the above-named species. The foliage of this species is evergreen at the South usually. The flowers are trumpet-shaped with rich scarlet color without and a tinge of orange on the inside. It blooms, when not too dry, through the season. Of the Japan species, Lonicera Hal-leana is the most valuable where it proves hardy. The mature flowers are pure white, peculiarly fragrant, and are quite continuous through the season. At the West this is not hardy enough for porches, but is grown by cutting back and covering in winter.

All the climbing honeysuckles must have trellis or woven wire for support.