The Ampelopsis quinquefolia, often called the American woodbine, but more properly Virginia creeper, is peculiarly variable as found in different parts of the Union. As found in the Black Hills its leaves have a silvery appearance, and as found clustering over the rocks at the Devil's Backbone in Delaware County, Iowa, it differs materially from the commercial type. The most valuable variety generally propagated is known as A. Engelmanni. This has smaller and denser foliage than the usual type, and is known in Chicago as American ivy. The Japan species, A. tricuspidata, known commercially as A. Veitchi, and as Boston ivy, has lobed leaves that are glabrous and shiny on both sides. This is popular in the East and South, and does well on the east, west, and north exposures, but its foliage burns on a southerly exposure on porches or walls in Iowa and Minnesota.