These should have a place in every well-kept home place. They do best in a dry soil, naturally underdrained or tiled. The bulbs should be planted four inches deep as early in the fall as they can be obtained. Where the bulbs are at hand they should be divided or separated as soon as the flower-stalks are withered, about once in three years. The best hardy varieties are the Gold-banded (L. auratum), the Lance-leaved (L. specio-sum), Garden Easter lily (L. candidum), Turk's-cap lily (L. superbum), and the Bateman lily (L. Batemanniœ). At the West the most valuable are the varieties of Lilium speciosum, on account of their superior hardiness of bulb. For lily propagation by division see section (68. Division of Perennials, Tubers, and Rootstalks).