Good pure seed that has been properly grown and gathered from selected plants is specially needed by every one who owns a home or commercial garden. The only safe plan is not to buy of the groceries and dry-goods stores, but order from dealers who have a reputation to sustain. The writer for many years has purchased seeds for home use and for the college vegetable-garden from the old-established seed firms of the Eastern and Middle States, without in any case getting poor seed, low in vitality. As a rule, in gardens it does not pay to gather home seed, not even of tomatoes, beans, or corn, if different varieties are grown in the same garden or in the near vicinity. Commercial garden-seed of established dealers is grown where each variety or species develops the most perfect seed, by those who are comparatively isolated and who grow only one kind of tomato, cucumber, melon, or other garden crop of the same species or, in some cases, of nearly related species. Every precaution is taken to keep commercial garden- and flower-seeds pure by the well-established houses (3. Commercial Seeds).