Neunan (Neunan's Prolific)

Medium in size, roundish conical; color light scarlet. Flesh firm, not very juicy; quality scarcely good. Largely cultivated in South Carollina for canning and market. Pistillate.

New York

Large to very large, conical; color dark crimson; quality not very good. Remarkably vigorous plant, and it endures - drouth well. Flowers perfect. New York.

Nick Ohmer

Very large, roundish conical, often with three-sided form; color glossy red. Flesh firm, good. Flowers perfect. Ohio.


Large, conical, irregular; color dark scarlet and crimson. Flesh firm, good. Season, late. In New Jersey said to be a better bearer than Gandy. Pistillate.


Large, round, regular; color bright scarlet. Flesh quite firm; quality good. Pistillate. Prized in New York, New Jersey, and, as far as tested, for home use and market. Season, quite late.

Parker Earle - Medium to large, long conical, slightly necked; color bright red or scarlet. Flesh red, subacid, very good. Perfect. Grown across the continent. Texas.