Schuyler Worden, of Oswego. New York, the originator pear ox unusual promise, our.

Worden writes : "It is a seedling from the Seckel. The tree has fruited five years ; is an upright grower ; bears its fruit in clusters, and drops from the tree the least of any pear we have. It is a more vigorous grower than the Seckel, and holds its leaves well".

The fruit is broadly bell-shaped, flattened on the apex and obtuse at the lower end ; stem short, straight and thick, oblique in a very shallow or nearly obsolete cavity ; calyx open, the basin scarcely manifest; color rich yellow with a bright crimson flush upon the exposed side ; flesh sweet and melting, slightly musky, very aromatic, high in quality. Its season is last of September and first of October.

John J. Thomas writes me as follows concerning this pear: "I have examined this pear from specimens sent me by Mr. Worden in 1888 and 1889. Last year, in particular, the specimens were very fine. Its great beauty and the greater vigor of the tree seem to give it much value. I think it a remarkable acquisition, and I should be glad if Mr. Worden, who has never been paid for his excellent grape, could make something out of it. I cannot speak confidently of its value without seeing the tree and more of the variety, but am very favorably impressed so far".

Mr. Thomas published an account of it last fall in the Country Gentleman under the name of Worden's Seckel. But as the fruit is entirely unlike Seckel, I should prefer to call it simply Worden. - L. H. Bailey.